Welcome to Coolamon Chaser Bins
We are part of the Coolamon Steel Works group, providing steel products for over 40 years. We have recently updated our branding to create Coolamon Chaser Bins, but underneath this new logo, is the same toughness and reliability you have expected from our Bins.
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Create your ultimate toy
Our Chaser bins are trusted throughout Australia in all conditions. Our Modern designs make these bins not only stand out, but they perform year after year. Our bins come in range of sizes, with loads of options, so you can create a bin perfect for your needs.
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Australia Wide
Manufactured in Coolamon, our Chaser Bins are available nationwide.
For a tough and reliable chaser bin you can talk to us directly about your next Bin, or contact one of our licensed dealer partners.

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Coolamon Chaser Bin Insight – Testimonials

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Coolamon Chaser Bin Insight – Testimonials
18 toone CSW chaser bin for his wheat, canola and barley

We saw the bins at the Henty Field Days where we looked at every possible chaser bin on offer. This is the strongest, well-built bin we've seen and none compares with it.

It looks the part, has a terrific augering system and performed well. I would recommend these chaser bins to anyone. We know that CSW is a name you can rely on - they'll look after you.

John Gawne, Grong Grong, NSW

30 tonne CSW chaser for wheat, canola, lupins and barley.

I did a fair bit of reseach on chaser bins and I''m happy with this bin - it's top of the range.

The design itself, the high quality material and workmanship is incomparable. They haven't skimped on any facet of construction. And the price was right. We put 5000 tonnes through the bin last year and performance was outstanding. Plus it looks good.

Mark Fisher, Mirrool, NSW

30 tonner is just the thing for rice

Father and son farmers, Ken and Scott Baldwin, from just north of Tocumwal, grow rice, wheat and canola as winter crops and soybeans as a summer crop.

Last year Ken and Scott decided that they needed to invest in a new chaser bin in time for the rice harvest. They had previously operated a Davidson bin, made in Finley, for 30.

Ken and Scott Baldwin, Tocumwal NSW