Steve Lord – Lord Farms

After just completing his first harvest with the Coolamon 36 tonne bin Steve had the following comment on its performance

“Running two harvesters kept the chaser busy and we were extremely impressed with the unloading speed”

“The adjustable spout was also another big plus when unloading into field bins or trucks”

“It’s the first chaser we have had with dual axle and all the operators remarked on the ride and the ease of towing both in the paddock and on road”

When asked what made him choose the Coolamon Steve said

“The design of the bin overall was a key factor. I liked the strength of the rolled sides which gives it a neat and tidy look. I was also impressed with the engineering and finish on the bin”


James Buttle Esperance

James operates three 36 tonne Coolamon Chaser bins in his contract harvesting business situated in the Esperance area.

James said “I purchased the Coolamon bins because in my opinion they were structurally better designed and built compared to other chaser bins. Their solid unique rolled structure over a balanced walking beam system was also appealing. I am also a huge fan of the rear wheel steering option and how it assists infield performance”.

“I am very pleased with the fast unloading rate that increased my productivity in field. The standard three metre spacing on the Coolamon Chasers was also a big feature as I contract to several Control Traffic customers.”

“Other contributing factors for purchasing the Coolamon Chaser Bins was the “ride” in the paddock and the ease of towing. Also, the simplicity of operation for my staff was important.”

“I am also happy with the support I receive from the Coolamon dealer, Farmers Centre Esperance.”

In summary James said, “They are well made, solid bin that represents excellent value for money”.

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